First of all I encourage you to look at the 'personal risk assessment'. This has been made available by the URC nationally, based directly on a document produced by the British Medical Association. It aims to help people be aware of their own vulnerability to Covid-19, based on the main known risk factors. Please don't send me your 'score' - it is just for you to use, for your own information. Hopefully it is self explanatory, and shouldn't take more than five minutes to do.

After that, there is a short survey here which should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. It asks some questions mainly about church services - what you are missing most, how soon you might want to return etc. None of the questions are compulsory, so if there are any you prefer not to answer you can leave them blank. Your answers will help us to decide how and when to move forward with opening the building for services. Please don't take this as pressure to come back before you feel ready to do so - just answer honestly. At the end of the survey you can choose whether to give your name or not.

The online survey should be easy to use, and makes it easy for us to analyse the responses to share with Church Council. A printable copy is available in case anyone has problems with it, but please use the online version if possible.