Restrictions are now being slowly eased.

At present we plan to start congregational worship at Ulverston from Pentecost Sunday , that is 23rd May. Social distancing will be in place and people will be expected to wear masks. There will be limited numbers so if people wish to attend they should contact either

  • Prim Eves - Email , or phone 01229 580853
  • Lesley Thompson - Email, or phone 01229 462927

(In England, churches may open for worship, but our Venue Management Group has taken the decision that the Methodist Church in Ulverston will not open before that date.)

Typed copies will still be available here for those who are unable to attend in person or online, and even if you are unable to come you are still part of God’s Church.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Lesley Thompson and Lesley Finnie (Senior Stewards)

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Sunday mornings at 10:30

Ulverston Church Council has decided to hold its services live via Zoom, starting on 21st February,  rather than simply upload them to Youtube. They will be streamed onto the Ulverston Methodist Church Youtube channel, and will remain there permanently for people to watch at a later date.  All the videos made at the Church, including Graham's recent videos, are available there.

To join Sunday's service live on Zoom, click here.

  • Meeting ID: 821 7513 5251
  • Passcode: 01229

You will be put into a 'virtual waiting room', on requesting to join the meeting and the host will admit you almost immediately. The service will open up by 10.15am but will only stream live from 10.30am.  Please keep yourself muted during the service so as there are no extraneous noises. For a better experience we also suggest that ‘Speaker View’ is used so the main part of the screen shows whoever is speaking. This can be found at the top right hand side of a computer screen. On an iPad, touch your screen so the controls appear, then at the top left hand side touch the ‘Switch to active speaker' button.

If necessary, you can join by 'phone. Dial 0203 901 7895 or 0131 460 1196 and enter the meeting ID and passcode when invited to do so.

If you need technical help do get in touch with Gill de Bourcier 01229 588298 or Revd Graham Ransom 01229 583198 beforehand.

For Safeguarding purposes, be aware that as the Zoom service will be streamed live to YouTube, your names/faces may be shown to anyone who may watch the YouTube service live, or at any time in the future.   The only way we can guarantee your name/face won’t appear, is if you do not join Zoom but watch the service, live or afterwards, on YouTube:

My earlier videos, and other worship resources, can all be found via the "Thoughts for Sunday" page.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Rev'd Graham Ransom, Circuit Superintendent.

Ulverston Methodist Church

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Please remember the prayer cascade, if you have any prayer needs, send them by email, or ring or text 07506 687432

BMS World Mission have shared a video update from Joy Ransom in Nepal - click here to view it

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Lettings enquiries: Prim Eves, 01229 580853 or email

Church Safeguarding Officer: Jane Shakeshaft, 01229 585350