Worship at home

Resources from the Connexion to enable people to worship in their own home are also available here, along with other useful links:

  • Special resources from Roots, who normally provide material for preachers preparing worship
  • Live-streamed services from Wesley's Chapel in London, and from Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem

Click here for an order of service from the Vine which you can use in your own home

Click here for an order produced by Dare Holland of Coniston.
Download sound files of the hymns used in the service:     2   (supplied by Howard Thompson)

Worship here and now:

  • Click here for a video for Sunday (Palm Sunday) prepared by Rev. Graham Ransom.
    Graham's earlier videos can also be seen there
  • Click here for a YouTube version of last Sunday's video (5th Sunday in Lent) prepared by Rev. Graham Ransom
  • Deacon Maggie Patchett asks us to register this special season in our communities by following the suggestions here

Worship on the radio and TV and streamed online

Each Sunday, Grange Methodist Church will be streaming a service on Facebook at 10:30am.  You can go to the "Posts" section of their Facebook page here.  Don't worry if you have never used Facebook, just click on the picture to start the video playing.  At present, you will find a video of this Sunday's service which you can watch when you wish.

A list of broadcasts for Holy Week is available to view or download here

Radio 4 Longwave also broadcasts a daily service Monday to Friday at 9.45am

A united service was broadcast on Radio Cumbria at 8am on Sunday 22 March (Mothering Sunday) - the order of service can be viewed  or downloaded here.  The service will be available to "catch up" on BBC Sounds for up to 30 days - click here

Note that this will play the entire 3-hour programme; the service will start about 2 hours in, so you may want to drag the pointer at the foot of the screen to find the beginning.

Other recent broadcasts:

29 March (5th in Lent)

  • Radio 4 8.10am Sunday Worship led by a friend of Rev. Jo Rand, Canon Dr Jennifer Smith of Wesley's Chapel, London - catch up here
  • BBC 1 10.45am Sunday Worship from Bangor Cathedral - catch up here

22 March (Mothering Sunday, 4th in Lent)

  • Radio 4 8.10am Mothering Sunday Worship led by the Archbishop of Canterbury - catch up here
  • BBC 1 11.45am Mothering Sunday worship from St David's Cathedral - catch up here
  • BBC 1 1.15pm Songs of Praise - catch up here