Monday Prayers:  Suggested Focus

25 October

Pray for the plans being made for the Christmas fair and for Julie, Ralph and Sandra who are working hard to bring it about. Pray that it will be successful in welcoming local residents and the wider neighbourhood into our premises.

18 October
Pray for the safety of our premises again subjected to vandalism and with damage to our stained glass windows so recently repaired. Pray that we will not be discouraged but continue to be able to care for our sanctuary.

11 October

This week the Carver Tots resume meetings. Pray that they will have a successful and happy first term and that the group will prove popular in the neighbourhood. Please pray that members of Carver will feel able to spare time to help with the refreshments on occasions.

4 October

Please pray for Nicola as she takes up the role of Church Secretary so capably and so willingly. Give thanks for the work she is doing on our behalf and pray that she will be well supported by us all.

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