The proposed extension of Rev. Graham Ransom's invitation as Superintendent of the South Lakes Circuit was on the agenda of the recent Circuit Meeting.  The new Chair of the Cumbria District, Rev Dr James Tebbutt, chaired this part of the meeting. He expressed his delight at being in Ulverston which allowed him to meet with people from the South Lakes Circuit, and thanked the Circuit Invitation Committee for all that they had undertaken in the run up to this meeting. Their consultations had been an affirmation of Graham’s ministry in Ulverston and the circuit as a whole.

Rev Dr Tebbutt explained the procedures set out in the summary of the Invitation and Stationing Process for Appointments commencing in September 2020.  No opposing views or amendments had been received, so according to the Code of Practice, the Reasoned Statement and recommendation from the Invitation Committee ‘that the Rev Graham Ransom be invited to serve in the South Lakes Circuit for a further two years commencing September 1st 2020’ was accepted by the meeting without a vote being necessary.

Rev Dr James Tebbutt gave thanks for Graham’s continued ministry and led the meeting in prayer, asking for God’s blessing on Graham, his family, the circuit and the wider community. The meeting showed their affirmation with a round of applause.

Rev Graham Ransom thanked the meeting for conducting a through process and for this affirmation of his ministry.

(Abridged for the website from the official Minutes of the meeting, recorded by the Secretary.)