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It’s always a privilege to work with others in discerning our calling together, and earlier this month the Circuit Leadership Team met to discuss what our next steps are, in what feels like an endless season of change. I’d naively assumed we would come out with a helpful to do list, but God had other plans. 

As we asked the question “what is the purpose of our CLT” and explored this prayerfully together we came to this conclusion: 

“ South Lakes CLT exists to encourage and enable South Lakes Methodist Churches so that we all grow and enjoy our discipleship”. 

Quite a bold statement, the three words that stick out to me are encourage, enable, and enjoy. We realised we are often so busy doing that we forget to take stock, and really appreciate the good things God has given us, we get so bogged down in complexities we forget we are called to enjoy our lives in service to God. 

There’s much to celebrate in the circuit at present, circuit events are returning - a real opportunity to spend time with other Christians in fellowship. Cartmel now have 13 members which is a real answer to prayer in the continuation of their ministry. Grange are even closer to their fundraising target for their building development; and by the time this plan starts Hayley will have joined our ministry team, which is an almost miraculous gift from God. 

I’m really looking forward to the spring circuit meeting when we will each share what God is doing alongside us in our local contexts, but please don’t wait until then, do share your good news, your moments of hope and your successes by emailing them to Juliana for inclusion in the weekly circuit information emails, then we can pray for one another across our wonderful group of congregations!

With my blessings,


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