2019 shoeboxes on display in churchFrom its base in Grange Methodist Church, a team has been putting together shoeboxes, decorated and packed with seasonal gifts for needy children, for a number of years.  The organiser, Eileen Hutchinson, thanked her hardworking team:

"I was asked if I would take over the organisation of the shoeboxes in 2009, when we filled 135 boxes.

Over the years – with lots of brilliant help and support from YOU – we’ve increased that number gradually – until this last Christmas 2019 we managed to fill 313. How AMAZING is that!

Team preparing shoeboxes

Our help comes from an increasing number of different places – including Cartmel Methodist Church, members of the URC and a “Knit and Natter” group from Silverdale – as well as our own stalwart workers from our church.

There are people knitting some wonderful creations all through the year, working towards our November afternoons when we wrap and fill the boxes. Then – no sooner have we sent the boxes off to International Aid for distribution, they are knitting again ready for next year – real dedication!

However small the shoeboxes may seem to us, they are a marvellous expression of love to suffering children – victims of war, poverty, famine, disease or natural disasters.

So hopefully we’ll be able to do the same this next Christmas.

Thank you for all your help and support."