New aids to identifying lost people

The Dementia Buddies badge, key fob and braceletThe Methodist Church Connexionally is seeking to be dementia friendly.  In our area which is a predominantly 'retirement area', with so many elderly residents, this is very important.  So many people suffering from dementia have been well educated and held very responsible positions and most successful careers, and we must recognise this.

Many sufferers get lost when they are out and about, but one way of helping them, is a fairly new system of identification.  These patients may wear a blue bracelet, lapel badge or key fob. 

If we see them struggling to recognise their whereabouts and we have a mobile 'phone with active NFC, this will connect and reveal their name and address and a phone number.  We will then be enabled to help return these people to their homes and loved ones.

We need to understand and recognise these aids, as they are only effective if we know how to use them.

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