Christian Aid Week 2020

Christian Aid Week logo 2020 With the global pandemic, vulnerable communities around the world need our help more than ever. Christian Aid already has established relationships with local organisations who know how to help the communities they serve. Obviously many of the usual Christian Aid fundraising activities are not possible in their normal form. However, we made some exciting plans!

  • Sunday 10th May at 10.30am - Christian Aid Service

    Our live streamed service followed the Christian Aid themes, with guest speaker Dare Holland. Find it here on Facebook, or here on YouTube.
    Grange Christian Aid quiz poster
  • Tuesday 12th May at 7pm - Circuit Quiz Night!

    The Rand family were quiz masters a very enjoyable evening, live on ZoomThanks to all who participated, expecially those who donated.

  • Friday 15th at 7pm - Virtual Concert

    Grange Youth Theatre normally put on a fantastic concert each year, under the brilliant direction of Jean and Mick Malkin.  We can't gather together this year, but various members of the Youth Theatre recorded their performances and sent them in to be streamed.
    See the press release about us from Christian Aid head office, here!

Sorry, the concert was a live event & is not available to view now.
But here is the grand finale - the virtual Youth Theatre with "Sing"

Donations can still be made through our online fundraiser here.  Last time we checked, £1,820 had been given this way, and maybe more by other means (other ways to give can be found on the main Christian Aid Week website.)

If you have any questions about any of these events or how to access them, contact Jo on 015395 33164 or email