Martyn's latest reflection:

Peace be with you

Hello, and peace be with you,
It’s the time of year when we would normally have harvest festival celebrations.  We can't gather together this year, but we can give thanks to God and lament the lack of care we see for the world.
A number of our Churches support the URC’s Commitment for Life programme, and one place of partnership is Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. The commitment for life programme has shared worship and we are sharing that this week.  If you would like to contribute to the work of Commitment for Life please send a donation via one of our churches or to me, payable to Kendal United Reformed Church, and we will make sure it goes to where it is needed.

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This evening (Sunday 20th) there is an opportunity to share communion. The Rev’d Pam Noonan will lead us in worship via Zoom. If you would like to share communion please have bread and wine (or similar) ready.
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In future weeks we will continue to celebrate harvest and also hear about people’s walk with God. Next week we will hear from Deacon Maggie Patchett from Windermere who will help us celebrate harvest.



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