BaptismsBaby held by a man to be baptised

Baptism (sometimes called christening) is a great way to give thanks to God and celebrate with your family. Whether you've given birth, adopted, or blended a family we can arrange a service to celebrate.

You may prefer a traditional service of baptism, where we give thanks to God for the person being baptised, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them in their life. As Methodists we welcome everyone for baptism, as God's way of welcoming you into a lifelong relationship with God, and letting you know how much you and your family are loved.

You may prefer a Thanksgiving service, where you can still have Godparents, and celebrate God's gift in your family, but aren't sure about making the commitment of baptism.

To discuss all the possibilities please get in touch with the minister of the church you'd like the baptism to be in -  see below.

Coffin being carried to a funeralFunerals

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things any family can do, and our ministry team are here to support you through this difficult time. Whether you want a funeral in church, or at the crematorium or graveside we can help you to say your goodbyes well, offering a personal and flexible service around your needs, and helping you navigate this most difficult time. To arrange a Methodist minister for your funeral, at church or elsewhere you can ask your funeral director, or contact the minister of your nearest Methodist church directly -  see below.

WeddingsHand signing a wedding register

Congratulations! If you're reading this we guess you're wondering about your wedding day! And we would love to work with you on your special day. Our ministry team are the experts at helping you celebrate your lifelong commitment

 Whether you want to "elope quietly" or have the biggest party in history we have the perfect venue and ministry team (celebrants) to help you. 

Do I need to be a church goer?  No - everyone is welcome to get married in our churches, all we ask is that you meet with us before the wedding, to help plan your day. We are a Christian church, so we will want to give thanks to God for your marriage and ask God to help support you in this next stage of your life together.

Can I choose my own music and poems?  Absolutely! This is your special day and we can help you blend tradition and personalisation, whether it's the traditional white dress and kneeling to be blessed, handfasting or lighting a new family candle we welcome creative ideas and can help you plan the ceremony that reflects your relationship. 

We welcome enquiries for all weddings, and look forward to celebrating with you. Our methodist buildings licenced for marriages are

Click on a church in the list to contact the minister responsible for it, or find out more about it, look under "Our Churches" above.

Our ministers can also conduct wedding blessings (for marriages that have taken place elsewhere,) renewals of vows and other celebrations either in our building or at other venues.

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