The 2020plus team at Grange have put together a leaflet for Lent.

Front page of leafletWe normally talk about giving something up in Lent, but we've 'given up' a lot in the last year, so instead this encourages us to count the days to Easter with positive actions.

Each day of the week has a theme - be thankful, connect, create, give, creation care, notice, self-care - and there are a whole range of suggestions for things to do, suitable for all ages.

A printed copy will be going out to church family this week, and there will also be copies available by the notice board at church by Friday 12th. Do pass them on to friends, family, neighbours etc, whether in Grange or beyond.

The printed leaflet is A3 size, but you can download it in PDF form here, and it's just about usable printed on A4 paper!

Weekly themes

Weekly themes

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