Chaplaincy to the tourism industry

Deacon Maggie Patchett   


 Maggie is working to develop a chaplaincy service to those working in tourism in the South Lakes. 

Currently concentrating on visiting hotels, cafes, B&Bs etc in and around Ambleside, but open to requests from elsewhere, we provide a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, someone to turn to, with no other expectations. 

To get in touch with Maggie, click here to send a message 

You can also find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/lakeschaplain 

A chaplain is a person who is: “among people, with people, for people, providing a caring listening ear” to the stories people want to share - about their work, their families, their life, maybe their worries, and even sometimes about God. It’s about being present, being available, being where we are invited, not imposing our ideas on others in any way, just showing love and care towards all.