Our current circuit treasurer, Russell Longton, is due to step down (and as he no longer lives in the circuit, he has already gone beyond the call of duty in continuing the role from a distance for so long!) Russell has very helpfully produced a detailed summary of the role and time commitment - see below. Screen grab of download menu with highlight
(If nothing appears in a few seconds, click Refresh in your browser, or press the F5 key.  You can read it here, or click the chevron icon at the top right corner (see pic) for a menu with download, print and other options.)

As a circuit we must have a treasurer. Anticipating that it may not be easy to fill the role, the Circuit Leadership Team have discussed whether there might be a possibility of paying for book-keeping, though obviously this would place additional demands on circuit finances. In any case, a treasurer would still be needed to oversee that work, but there could be some negotiation about exactly what parts of the role a new treasurer carried out themselves.

Russell is happy to have a no-obligation conversation with anyone! Please email him to pursue this.