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From Judith R Simms, Communications Officer, Methodist Women in Britain:

Dear All

Following the huge disappointment of having to cancel the weekend at Swanwick in 2020, we have been determined to offer something in 2021, but sadly, we have made the decision not to meet face to face at Swanwick because of the ongoing uncertainties of life with Covid 19, and the need to keep everyone as safe as possible.

However, we are delighted to be able to invite you to ‘Together, with Hope on the Way’, an online conference taking place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021. It will be different to our previous conferences, but nevertheless is an exciting new venture, which will be accessible to a wider audience.

Our keynote speaker Sister Imelda Poole will be joining us ‘virtually’ from Albania, to talk about her work educating and training young people to help prevent them becoming trafficked. There will also be worship, prayer and Bible study, plus news and information on the work of the World Federation, and a chance for us to celebrate 'together' the tenth anniversary of MWiB.

You can find more information and register your interest now on the MWiB website.

I hope you'll consider joining us - and please pray for the conference as we continue to prepare and as we meet online.


Keep in touch with MWiB and the World Federation on our Facebook page: Methodist Women in Britain
and via Twitter: @MethodistWomen

With best wishes


ON BEHALF of the MWIB Executive

23 September

Greetings from MWiB - I hope you're all well. I'm just sending a few links to resources now available...

  • Easter Offering - World Federation Officer (and Vice President of the Conference) Carolyn Lawrence and the Global Relationships team have put together a short service highlighting the problems faced by some of our World Church partners in the current coronavirus pandemic and how the Methodist Church in Britain is responding. The service also provides an opportunity to contribute to the World Mission Fund, which won't this year receive the usual generous donations from the Easter Offering.
  • Living in Tune with our Planet - Former President Sandra Goodwin has written a service focussing on issues of climate change, with stories of how churches and communities around the world are responding positively to the crisis. We hope you will find it informative, inspiring and challenging.
  • World Federation Study Day - 26th October 2020. This year's World Federation Day event has been postponed, but instead we're pleased to offer you some study and worship material prepared by the women of the West Africa Area - a very timely resource focusing on SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being.

All these resources, downloadable from the MWiB website by following the individual links, can be used by individuals or in groups, and adapted for use in your own local context.

And finally - some of you will have seen recently the two-part programme on the BBC, Sue Perkins: Along the US/Mexico border. In it Sue visits some of the places visited by MWiB President Hilary Evans on her recent overseas visit, and highlights the same issues around refugees, migrants, and 'the Wall' that divides families as well as countries. If you missed it, you can find it on the BBC-iplayer.

Best wishes

Dear All,
Welcome to another MWiB update for June 2020.



  • Please note that Liz has now handed over responsibility for MWiB merchandise and resources to Elaine Banks. For information and ordering, please contact Elaine via email: (** Please remember to change Liz's name for Elaine's in the contact lists in your email **)


  • We are excited to announce that MWiB has entered into a one-year partnership with online worship resource producers Twelvebaskets, supporting them to continue to produce 'The Vine at Home', a downloadable weekly worship service. The resource will be available to download each Tuesday (for the following Sunday) from the MWiB website, beginning this week - Tuesday 23rd June (for Sunday 28th June):
  • Please think of creative ways of using this resource; in particular you might consider printing and copying it, and delivering it to those who are unable to access it online for themselves, or perhaps share the worship with someone over the telephone. We're looking forward to seeing this new venture develop, and would be happy to have your feedback.

  Please note the following dates, to help planning your own District events and diaries:

  • MWiB Residential Weekend, Swanwick: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th April 2021
  •  World Federation Day, Chippenham: Saturday 23rd October 2021 (NB: 2020 event cancelled)

And finally...

  • Click here for the latest message from World President Alison Judd, which includes a 'Global Psalm of Praise' written by women from around the world.

Keep safe and well
Best wishes

ON BEHALF of the MWIB Executive

Dear Friends


As we all know, the coronavirus is having a big impact on many aspects of our lives at the moment, and many planned events are having to be postponed. You may be aware that we had already suggested that Easter Offering services should be held during the autumn. However, it now looks unlikely that autumn gatherings will take place, especially for elderly or vulnerable people.

Having spoken to the Global Relationships team, it has now been decided that we must further
postpone the use of the 2020 Easter Offering materials, and therefore ‘Into All The World’ will now become the Easter Offering service theme for spring 2021. By postponing in this way, we hope that the Easter Offering will raise a good deal more money next Spring, when we will hopefully be able to gather together properly.

We will change the date on the downloadable materials to 2021, but if you have already printed
materials with the 2020 date, they can of course still be used rather than wasted.

This therefore means that THERE WILL BE NO EASTER OFFERING SERVICE IN 2020.

Instead, we have agreed to work with the Global Relationships team to produce a short reflective act of worship for use in the autumn, on the theme of how Covid-19 is affecting our global church partners. Many extra grants have been sought from the World Mission Fund to help those who are really struggling at this time, and it would be good to encourage our ladies to make any contribution they can this year towards that specific work.

The service can be accessed online, or printed off for those without internet access, and used for
individual reflection or in small groups, depending on what is allowed by then. Easter Offering
envelopes could be distributed with the resource, and donations can be sent to the World
Mission Fund directly.

So we would ask that you pass on the message that the Easter Offering 2020 materials will now be saved to use in spring 2021, but that later in the summer we will send out a link to a simple service based on the impact of Covid-19, to use in autumn 2020.

If you have any questions, do get in touch with us.

REGARDING THE 2020 EASTER OFFERING. It is being sent to all of the contacts on our mailing
list to ensure that it gets as wide a coverage as possible. If it doesn't relate directly to you, then
please pass it on as appropriate, or simply disregard.


Carolyn Lawrence
on behalf of the MWIB Executive

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